Working Together to Ensure Your Success

Is your restaurant performing to its full potential? Would you like your organization to run more efficiently? As a restaurant owner, you understand that operating a restaurant is a day-to-day business. What you have today can be gone tomorrow if you don't protect and improve upon your investment. Whether you're building your restaurant from the ground up, or simply looking to revitalize or optimize an existing concept, DRIC can help.


Organizations like yours are complex and unique systems. That is why we feel that it is critical to take an individualized approach when addressing problems and designing solutions for your restaurant. We can help your business reach its maximum potential while you focus on your bottom line. Whether you need to improve systems and structure for your operation or discover new ways to cut costs and increase revenue, DRIC is your custom shop. We strategically assess your business, address your specific concerns, and offer you solutions and suggestions, which will enhance your success. Working collaboratively with you, we maintain your concept while maximizing your investment.


  •  Our solution-focused approach provides quick, effective, long-lasting change. We apply systemic and strategic thinking to your process. This provides the structure necessary for you to capitalize on your talent, concepts, and vision.
  • Our goal is simple: To assess your concerns and generate solutions that meet your needs. You have a vision, and that vision is in motion. We look to maximize your company's value, incorporate core training essentials, and improve cost-effectiveness by building on what is already good and working in your organization.