Working Together to Achieve a Common Goal  

We understand that as a restaurant owner you have a lot going on. You're watching your labor, liquor, and food costs along with balancing the budget and developing a marketing plan. You're busy and you need the support of your management team to execute your vision and keep your staff performing at their best. But are your managers ready and able to ensure your staff is meeting your high expectations? Do they have the necessary skill set to make your business thrive? They often don't. That's where we come in.


We specialize in "training the trainers" and making sure the people responsible for maintaining your operation are highly capable and competent. We take your managers and management teams to the next level of leadership and prepare them to be proactive and effective leaders for your business.

To do this we take a collaborative approach. Working with you and your managers, we make sure performance expectations are clear, metrics are known, and customer and staff needs are identified. Incorporating a global competency assessment helps our consultants prioritize the development opportunities in your management team.

Throughout the process, we teach your team how to outperform the competition, motivate your staff, and improve on existing systems. When you leave the building, you need to have confidence that your business is being left in good hands. Let us work with and train your team to ensure that your managers are holding your staff to the same high expectations and customer service standards that you do.

Well-managed workgroups:

  • Are 44% more profitable
  • Are 50% more productive
  • Produce 50% higher customer loyalty


  • Short-term, global training initiative allows for major improvements with minimal time and financial investment
  • Our training process ensures team development and cohesion, which enhances effective operations and a shared commitment to excellence
  • Teamwork is one of the core underpinnings of a successful restaurant and lack of teamwork is one of the most common reasons restaurants fail.
  • Our approach ensures that your team is working together, capitalizing on your talent