Strengthening vs. Replacing

When dealing with a low-performing manager, owners have three options:

  1. Ignore the problem and hope it goes away
  2. Eliminate the problem and hope to find someone better
  3. Turn the problem into an asset

Ignoring the problem is a common reaction and always the least effective option. On the other hand, firing your manager can cost thousands of dollars and often involves unrest and possible loss of staff and customers. Your management team ends up running short while you search for a replacement manager. Labor costs and comps go up for a month while your new manager acclimates to your restaurant's staff, procedures, and clientele. Then you realize that this manager has his or her own shortcomings that you need to address.

Before risking thousands of dollars by ignoring or eliminating a low-performing manager, consider a more cost-effective and efficient alternative. Our extensive knowledge and solution-focused approach allow us to address your specific managerial concerns with confidence and precision. Whether you have a manager in need of technical guidance or a supervisor who needs training in staff or clientele relations, we can help.


We understand that every manager will have his or her own unique style of managing and interacting with staff and guests. Our goal is to work with your managers to show them how to develop and integrate their style of management with your philosophies and expectations. This enables them to be who they are while doing the job you expect them to do. Our goal is to avoid the "cookie-cutter" corporate manager approach that leaves little room for personal style and detracts from the unique feel of your restaurant. Our proven coaching techniques will bring your manager or supervisor up to speed and provide the motivation and knowledge necessary to make your business thrive.


  • Management coaching provides a one-on-one developmental experience that will enhance every aspect of your organization, from customer and employee satisfaction to how your business is run when you're not there
  • Invest in your staff and management team, and they will invest in the success of your establishment
  • Save time, money, and unnecessary effort while ensuring the quality and integrity of your restaurant