Building Effective Teams

Building Effective & Efficient Teams

Collaborate, Grow and Build
Teams are encountering greater complexity and uncertainty and are having to manage more change than ever before. Effective work team facilitation breaks down barriers between differing individuals, groups and departments helping them see the common ground to reach team and organizational goals.

DRI Consulting addresses a broad range of skills and tools that help groups improve the way they accomplish tasks.  These include:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Work Personality Types and Styles – identifying team strengths and areas of challenge
  • Assessment and Development of Teams
  • Stress Management
  • Process Re-Engineering and Restructuring
  • Intergroup Assessment and Intervention
  • Meeting Management
  • Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities


  • Increase Team Alignment
  • Overcome Specific Problems
  • Help Members Develop a High Level of Motivation to Carry out Decisions
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Increase Clarity About Roles, Responsibilities and Strategic Direction

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Assessment of Teams

Teams are essential in the business world; however, many teams run into roadblocks and are not functioning at their full capacity. Creating a culture of engagement and innovation motivates a high-performance workforce, and the results can be striking.

  • Well-managed workgroups:
  • Are 44% more profitable
  • Are 50% more productive
  • Produce 50% higher customer loyalty

If companies don't fully understand how people think and act in a team setting, they will never harness the full potential of their people.

Assessment and development of teams starts with individual team members clearly understanding themselves – the unique qualities they bring to the team, their strengths, developmental barriers, motivational buttons, fears, needs, frustrations, and past experiences, etc. Using a combination of self-awareness and team awareness assessments, we work with your teams to break down the barriers and charter a high-performing path forward.We rely on extensive research that has found that successful teams move through stages in their path to high performance. Helping your teams determine what stage they are at in this process, will inform where their energy needs to focus, where the pitfalls may be, and what they can do to progress successfully.