Dr. Makesha Spence

Managing Partner/CEO

Dr. Makesha Spence is the Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer at DRI Consulting. She holds a PhD in Psychology and master's degree in Adult Education. Dr. Spence has over 15 years experience in senior leadership, organizational assessment and development, and talent management. She also has over 20 years experience in instructional design and training, including the teaching of Consulting Psychology at master's level.  Dr. Spence's work at DRI Consulting allows her to do transformative work with individuals, teams, and organizations while honing her consulting skills.

Rhovine Haughton


Rhovine Haughton is a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer at DRI Consulting. She is pursuing a PhD in General Psychology, with a focus on Industrial Organizational Psychology, at Grand Canyon University. She has a Master of Science in Counselling and Consulting Psychology at the International University of the Caribbean in Jamaica. Her experience with education and workforce training adds to her strengths as a consultant. Rhovine’s role at DRI Consulting complements her graduate training and passion for organizational development, training and leadership development. She is most excited to provide clients help in the areas of coaching, personnel selection, and organization-level interventions.

Dr. John Fennig

Senior Advisor/Training Director

Dr. Fennig is a capable executive level Senior Advisor and Training Director. His reputation is producing significant, lasting and timely results through teams within and across organizational functions. He has special skills and interests working with the gifted/talented and high potential leaders of medium and large public and private organizations, family-owned companies, and entrepreneurial start-ups. Industry interests include professional services, healthcare, high technology, education, religious organizations and public sector.

Delia Bingea


Delia Bingea is a Consultant at DRI Consulting with over a year of experience with the firm. She is pursuing a Master of Science degree at the Florida Institute of Technology in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (Class of 2024). In addition, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a minor in K-12 Art Education and a Leadership Certificate from Wartburg College. Her experience with improving outcomes for teachers and students and her teaching skills increase her effectiveness as a consultant. Delia has a particular interest in employee experience, diversity & inclusion, and leadership.

Ashley Stephens


Ashley Stephens is pursuing a PhD in General Psychology, with a focus on Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Grand Canyon University. She has a Master of Social Work from East Tennessee State University and a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has primarily worked in the government sector but is currently providing services in healthcare. Ashley's experience and passion to expand her knowledge provides opportunities to grow in the areas of organizational development, team building, executive development, and training. She looks forward to assisting clients with their goals for growth as well.

Jiayi Sun


Jiayi Sun is a Consultant at DRI Consulting. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Macalester College. Her experience with research and communication adds to her strength as a Consultant. She has passion for promoting employee well-being, improving organizational culture, and closing gender gaps. Jiayi is excited about figuring out what would be best to be communicated and perpetuated in the system. She looks forward to providing evidence-based services to clients.

Jessica (Wenyang) Ding


Jessica (Wenyang) Ding is a Consultant at DRI Consulting. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Education from Macalester College. She has primarily worked in the education sector, experienced with international students, mentorship, training, and supervising. She also has talent acquisition skills and employee relationship management experience. Her background allows her to formulate the perspective of in-house human resources and detailed-oriented working style into projects. She has a strong passion for teamwork, program facilitation, and diversity. She believes that the rapport between the organization and individual employees is the key to business success.

Tianyu Zhai


Tianyu Zhai is a Consultant at DRI Consulting. She holds dual Bachelor's degrees in Economics and Design with a minor in English Literature from the University of Minnesota. She also works in the pharmaceutical sector and has previous work experiences in college student services, fundraising, event organization, and community engagement. Her passion for merging and using cross-field knowledge and skills add to her problem-solving and insightful analysis strengths. She is most interested in organizational and leadership development and is excited to provide consulting services for team-building and personal growth.

Marissa Sparks


Marissa has a Master of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Elmhurst University. She has worked in various specialist roles in Talent Enablement, Talent Management, and Training & Development across the Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Tech industries (including experience at an early-stage startup). Marissa’s role at DRI Consulting compliments her experience in Performance Management, Training & Development, and Employee Engagement. She looks forward to applying her skills through a new lens to help clients grow their people and achieve their goals.

Heather Bernard


Heather Bernard is a Consultant at DRI Consulting who is pursuing doctoral studies in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with an emphasis on leadership's role in developing corporate athletes and promoting healthy organizations. Her professional endeavors have included stints in high-performance management and education within the public and private sectors. She is eager to use her training and passion to bring out the best in people and organizations. She is excited about applying her skills to management assessments, coaching, leadership enhancement, and organizational development.