Systems and Strategic Thinking

A Systems and Strategic thinking approach encourages individuals and organizations to be viewed in the context of their environments. This "Helicopter View" gives consultants and leaders a better sense of the bigger picture, and inspires insight that benefits the larger organization, as opposed to one part of the organization.

Systems and Strategic Thinking

Envision, Expand and Strategize
A lack of Systemic and Strategic Thinking in organizations can often manifest as entire units and initiatives having too narrow a focus, developing solutions that don't align with the overall mission, values, and culture of the organization; or perhaps having a training system that doesn't meet the needs of the larger business goals.

Companies often focus on creating leaders of individual units and functions, but do not put processes in place to develop leaders that envision strategy for the entire system, or at the enterprise level. When companies do not act in the interests of the enterprise as a whole, they miss out on broad-based customer, internal, and business solutions that create more impact than single-function solutions alone.

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